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We are your experienced paint color center professionals. We provide advice on what type of colors work best for your upcoming paint project. We look at different types of paint, different sheens of paint and different locations to find the best mix for your painting needs. When you are thinking about your next painting project it is a fun time to create your own masterpiece within your home. There are so many colors and variations that you can have hundreds of different looks to make your home the very special place you want it to be.

Our Paint Color Pro Consultants walk with you through the process of helping you decide what would look best within your home. Our company has partnered with lots of different paint companies to provide you with the best color consultation. Our partners have been tested to make sure they are a quality painting company. They have the highest recommendations within their area. Our strenuous testing and review of these companies helps us to fully trust them as our number one source for painting your home. In our partnership, we help to train these painting companies with the understanding and knowledge of our own paint color pro approach to color consultation. With our training and tools, we believe that these partners have been put in a position to better help our clients.

The process of speaking with your local paint color pro consultant is very helpful and informative. Our local pro will come to your home to access your painting needs. Then, we will walk through an instructive discussion of how we will be able to help you. Following this, we offer a paint color consultation to where we help you decide on the best color for your desired painting area. Our decision is based upon your personality, your desired atmosphere, and our extensive knowledge of color. Once we decide on a color, we will order a small sampling to where you will have the opportunity to paint it on your wall. This will allow you to get a better feel for the color. Following this time, we will then schedule a painting session where we will come prepare, paint, and finalize the painting project.

We provide you with access to the following brands:

Sherwin Williams

Benjamin Moore

The Paint Store

PPG Paints


Below are just a few helpful resources that can help you think through which color is right for you.

Colors for your Living Room:

Colors for your Kitchen:

Colors for your Bedroom:

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